World Building at TerraChronica

TerraChronica is a world building and sharing website. Inspired by the works of J. R. R. Tolkien, George R. R. Martin and others, our goal is to help you create and manage fantasy worlds so you can share them with the world.


World Building Online

Welcome to TerraChronica, a project to help people organize and share fantasy worlds online. TerraChronica answers the needs of world builders and fans of world building by helping to bring them together to share their dreams. With TerraChronica, it is easy to make a wiki of a fantasy world, add artwork and finally share it with the world.

Another Style Update

Terrachronica water color drawing medium

TerraChronica's Newest Look

     To go along with the updated format of worlds in TerraChronica, I updated the style.  I hope to set up a few more features with the new style pretty soon.  If you have any comments on the new style please let me know by sending feedback.


Latest Artwork