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T'ha Land
Tribes of bhaa


near river Bhagwirat'hi there were three tribes - Bhaagra , Ashurat'hi and Kohi . in these ancient drawing , you can clearly see the river Bhagwirat'hi , whith two trbies . this drawing was drawn by Bhaagra tribes in the 40-39 BC . the drawing is not beautiful , but it has huge meaning for scientists . on the right side , you can see the tribes of Bhaagra and on the left side the tribes of Ashurat'hi . The names of the tribes are written in hieroglyphs . both tribes are holding weapons and are fighting each other . the Bhaagra tribes have a mark of river on their heads ( river bhagwirat'hi) , and tribes of Ashurat'hi have a mark of moon on their heads . on the bottom of the drawing is written - the great battle of Bhagwirat'hi with the Ashua ( Ashurat'hi) people . After this battle the tribes where separeted and went to different land s. Bhaagra went to the west , and Ashurat'hi and Kohi went to the east . i will put a photo of this travel .


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