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Straight long hair: women go through various scalp massage and hair mask processes in order to make their hair as long as possible. There is not much they do about the shape of their hair, though.

Large head: this impression is often created by fixing a specifically designed padding under hair; head accessories and some hairstyles are also used to make the head look bigger.

Oval face, blonde hair and blue eyes: lucky genes!

Tall height: also highly dependent on genes. City women might wear high heels.

Upside-down V shape forehead: mainly achieved due to hairstyle.

Ears - most beautiful part of the body: that's why hair is often styled to reveal them.

Collarbones are also considered highly beautiful: a wing shape is often tattooed or painted over them to enhance.

Curveless, almost androgynous body: chest is often binded from young age. Partially achieved through diet.

Pink-ish skin tone: a powder of drier gwurra fruit helps achieve it. City women often powder their whole body, while villagers only apply it to the face and only during holidays.

Narrow, white lips: shaped over makeup.

Thick black eyebrows: dyed; black fur is sometimes glued to the skin to make them look thicker.


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