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Astrac map


The continent of Astrac includes the countries of: Astala, Gillin, Kiltimta, Kinttac, Multina, and Typurn. Each of the countries has it's own unique features that shape the people of Astrac into a more tribal and lore rich culture with many of the ancient traditions still alive in the people in one way or another.

Prominent features include, from North to South: High Point Reach, the Northern Wastes, Middle Star Peaks, Grime Marsh, Oxen Eater Marshes, Deadman's Folley, Long Mile Valley, Sunflower Hills, the Southern Wastes, Virgin's Desert, and Pleasantry Cape. Each landmark has a rich history and defining feature setting it apart from the rest of the landscape.

Surrounding the continet includes, from North to South: Abyss Island, Dead End Waters, Open Waves Seas, the Narrow Strait, Trickster Seas, and Outpost Island. Not to mention the other nearby landmasses such as the Edliere continent's countries Montka and Hallium, as well as the independent island home to the Trinn and Erel countries.


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