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Edliere map


The continent of Edliere includes the countries of: Austrim, Chide, Custium, Elere, Grimere, Hallium, Jatkin, Lillip, Montka, Muno, and Snowtin. The prominent features of Edliere have played a large part in the way of life of the people and allowed for a rich variety of cuisine with unique spices.

Prominent features include, from North to South: Eddie's Coast, Mongrel's Baazar, Far Reach, Bird View Peaks, Kinmarsh, Ellta Marshes, Hallus Hills, Lily Fields, and the Whites. Many legends and stories revolve around the landmarks.

Surrounding the continent includes, from North to South: The Dead Sea, Open Waves Sea, World's End Island, and Devil's Circle. Not to mention the other nearby landmass that is Rygras continent's country of Thormois.


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