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Rygras map


The continent of Rygras includes the countries of: Lolus, Poral, Rylus, Sova, Thormois, Yttel, and Yytema. While the contries of Rygras number few, the landmarks aren't any less than the other continents and have grown a hearty people with a love of Lore, Legends, and Trade.

Prominent features include, from North to South: The Pales, Cold Peak, Sunn Valley, Butterfly Forest, High Crawler Marsh, Heart's Cavern, Levan City, Ytt Flower Fields, Deadman Bazaar, Good Port, Low Crawler Marsh, Thorn Valley, and Rye Penisula. Each feature of Rygras has an abundance of stories and old wives' tales to haunt the sleep of even the coldest, battle-harden warrior.

Surrounding the continent includes, from North to South: The Artic Crossing Ocean, the Dead Sea, and the Good Waters Ocean. The nearby Tranic Island is also considered part of the Rygras continent.


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