I recently added new artwork to my world, and noticed it said it was added five months ago. It seems there's an error with either the site's clock or with the update time display.

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  • Akahige in blue
    over 6 years ago

    Thanks a lot for the bug report! I'll get right on it and it'll be fixed when the big update hits.

    • ByGN99
      over 6 years ago

      ...big update? What can we expect?

      • Akahige
        over 6 years ago

        Two major changes. First of all, all categories are now customizable. The creativity of such a great user base made it impossible for me to anticipate what categories users would need, so I'm just leaving it up to them now, although you can choose to have your world pre-populated with categories when it is created. The other big change is with artwork. It is the first step to creating the TerraChronica 'communes', which I hope to be a collection of artwork that can be used in various worlds.