I was wondering if this website is still maintained by the original creator? If there are bug fixes and future content planned?

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  • Akahige in blue
    2 months ago

    Hi sovereign, I'm the creator of TerraChronica and just want to say thanks for your support. True, I haven't been able to update anything in a while, but I plan on a big update sometime before the end of the year. Now that I have so much feedback, I want to trim down TerraChronica to the most used features to make the project more manageable and implement a modern user interface with some new technology. I am also playing around with the idea of bringing on other developers to speed things up. Long story short, after a long period of auto-pilot, I think it is time to bring TerraChronica up to speed.

    • sovereign92
      2 months ago

      This is amazing to hear! I want to say that this website has been incredibly helpful in my world building endeavors! I cant wait for the updates! :)))