I find myself to be the type of person who's great at lore/history, but absolutely terribad at actual artwork & mapmaking. Anyone interested in making a collab world with me?


EDIT: This works 2 ways too; if you're good at map-making/art, & horrible at lore/ brain-dead-uncreative I'd gladly help out with your world!

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  • Dd8689883ff0a0c040f354811f095e33
    over 6 years ago

    I could help if you like! If you like my maps I could make you one in a similar style?

  • Akahige in blue
    over 6 years ago

    Would you be interested in an area on TerraChronica to request artwork? I'm planning on making a feature where someone could describe some artwork they wanted and maybe upload a rough sketch. Others could then submit their own artwork and the original user could use it in his or her world.