The first settlements are believed to have been begun in modern-day Tortuga. These settlements were preceded by an intense spring and winter, causing most of the intelligent population to be destroyed by the elements. This, supported by the recent discovery of agriculture, is believed to have begun the Agricultural Revolution in 5,000 BPE (Before Present Era).


It is believed that this spread out the humans of prehistory. The ancestors of today's Reypalanchans are believed to have entered the area the nation sits on anywhere between 4,700 BPE and 4,200 BPE. It is during this time period that it is believed the Reyan language was formally developed, alongside Tortugan.


The Continent of Reytakivij is fairly large in size, occupying roughly 3.9 sq miles. The continent is very wet, save for the arid Isle of Austai, and supports many sq miles of Bog in differing areas of the continent. In addition, the western Reypalach Peninsula is occupied by plains and the Palanchan Forest in the center. In the north lies the Ironside Mountains, a huge mountain range stretching across the northern portion of the continent. The highest peak has never been climbed, but is thought to be 29,000 feet. 

To the south lie the Gruppe Islands, a system of barrier islands that stretch in a crescent and are occupied by intense bogs. The Gruppe Islands are home to the Gruppe Tribes, which despite their vulnerable location, have been described as fearsome warriors. 



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