Treta Yuga, Fifth month of Year 1047

After what seems like months of mindcrushing and buttnumbing voyage, i have landed in Rajapura, the capital of Nara. To be honest, i was quite surprised. This backwater kingdom in the farthest end of East was apparently pretty decent. I was expecting the 'Hidden Jewel of The East' to be nothing of a tale greatly exaggerated, mutated from the uneducated tall tales of hundred sailors before reaching the Academy. 

The Academy wanted a new chapter on their Great Big Book of Everything and here i am, a mere peons of the not-so-Bright Masters of Lutetia Academy is the one who must do all the backbreaking works while the not-quite-Bright Masters will be the one to take the credit.

This is my first records  on 'Chapter LXIII: Facts Concerning and Regarding the Mandalan Continent.'

I should have asked for a raise.

- Senior Scholar L. Rayfield


Mandalan Continent is one of the four continents that form a much larger world. The culture was influenced by south east asian culture, primarily Indonesian and Vedic, with a several degree of what ifs thrown into the mix.

Though the continent already developed its own proud heritage, the scenario will be focused on the acculturation and assimiliation of foreign culture, knowledge and technology and their impact on common citizens of Mandala. I draw similiarities from how the ancient Indonesian kingdoms were exchanging knowledges with foreign kingdoms in accordance with the spice trades between Asia, Middle East and Europe.



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