Witchcraft is a metaphysical path or a lifestyle with a certain way of performing magical rituals. As such it is not a religion, so witchcraft can find people of various faiths.


Practitioners are known as witches, with most known witches being females. Males should technically be called witches too but after a group of male witches were dubbed warlocks because of a typo, the name started to catch on around laypeople. 


Witchcraft is known for its views and practices on ritual magic, be it spellcasting, summoning, or alchemy. Witchcraft alchemy is traditionally performed using a cauldron, especially to create potions from physical components. Witch summons tend to focus on that of familiars, special animals that a witch shares a empathic and magic bond with to share and assist with ritual magic. 


Witches are also known for their iconic clothing of a black robe/dress and a wide brimmed pointy hat, though they often dress normally, especially if they want to blend in, and the traditional clothing only comes out for spell casting or ceremonies. Witches were also the original creators of flying besoms as transportation. 


It's common for a witch to live alone in the woods, to practice magic peacefully and immerse themselves in a natural environment.

However many witches usually belong to "covens", groups of witches who practice magic together, share knowledge and resources and often meet to cast and discover more powerful spells.



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