The Helm is the heart of most, if not all of the Redwoods' mysteries. The helm itself (an old, rusty and withered helm far too big to be used by a mouse) is stuck in a clearing of trees, on the dirt ground. It lies up, open-topped at an angle, and if any creature could check right now almost a good half portion of it is buried in the dirt. 


But what constitutes as "the Helm"? Just the helm itself, or the helm and the immediate area? For every question asked, there's several more. Time changes what and where it is, and what and where it isn't. In troubling times it has been regularly stated and known that the Helm was everything north of the outskirts of Zarago. In better times it's contained itself to the acre containing the helm itself. In all the times in between it fluctuates between the two answers but it always remains there, and is always avoided at all possible.




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