Birds are a common species native to (and sometimes not) the Redwoods. There are many different species of birds, most commonly of the following.



To find an owl is not quite a common thing. They are more active during the night, and are known to have no second thoughts on swooping in and taking off with a mouse or rabbit in tow.

Although normally antagonistic in terms of our creatures of the woods (mice, squirrels, rabbits, etc), there have been occasional owls that wouldn't always outright kill the first prey they encounter.

Owls, due to their relatively low numbers in the woods, don't have any set settlements of their own. At one point in time, there was a gathering of owls near the border of the red River and the Red Mountains, but no beast knows what came out of that meeting. They are solitary beings, and at most gather with their families and not much beyond that.



Swallows are located in many places throughout the woods. Ever since the settlements have been established, swallows have been commonly seen living with other creatures. In the Great Roble, and the Arces, namely, families of swallows live side-by-side with mice, squirrels and rabbits and other birds.

Swallows are the more sociable birds, and do tend to appear more and more in settlements than they do outside of them. No swallow-dominated or established settlement has existed yet.

These birds also are regularly tributed to being very good house guests and cooks, just as rabbits. Some southern swallows have brought cuisine that compliment many other southern dishes brought by rabbits, bringing in the favorite dishes: the sweeth southern cake, and 'ush (both kinds).



The woodpeckers in the Redwoods are those on the less social side. They commonly live away from the large settlements, or nearby (it is useful to live near one) one, living normally in very small groups or by themselves. 



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