Mudo is an adult mouse found in the Arces, having lived his life as a tutor and teacher of sorts, he was very good with reading, writing and arithmetic. His eyes are a dull dark brown, and his fur is a duller, flat grey. He is normally found hunched over his desk tending to and skimming through books and furiously writing essays and papers and what not, most of the time replying to letters sent from the scholars in Zarago

One thing that would always unnerve him when he would teach other creatures was whenever a creature was simply incapable of being taught, or when they didn't understand a concept after a lengthy explanation from Mudo. As such, he is known as the local "cranky mouse", or the "grump" to many creatures in the Arces. Nevertheless, as cranky as Mudo can be, he is very intelligent, and very precise and to the point (although he is guilty of going on, and on, and on sometimes).



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