The Crimson Guard


Vestro is a proud, strong and tall mouse with red fur and bright green eyes. He always has his glittering silver sword at his side, and a flowing blood red cape trailing behind him. A favorite of many creatures in the woods, Vestro is a flirt, a charm, a wit... a socialite.

Despite his seemingly vain pursuits when dealing with matters outside the guard, Vestro reached his position through mettle and pursuit alone. There is none the better at the sword than he, none perhaps except the red blade herself. His skill with the sword and combat is known throughout the woods, and is rumored to be the best swordsmice ever.

As far as being a captain goes, Vestro is a natural leader as well. Even other creatures can't help but like him and trust him. His quick thinking has saved many a grave situations that have popped up for the guard, and with the trust of his guardsmice, Leomas and its neighbors need not fear any problems that should occur.  



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