The Crimson Guard


Senna is a short, lithe female mouse of the Crimson Guard. Adorned in a simple, old crimson cloak, she carries her hefty bastard sword denoting her rank and position in the Guard on her person, sometimes sheathed sometimes not. Underneath her cloak lies light brown fur, and brownish-yellow eyes. Only half of her tail remains, naked and furless, poking underneath her cloak.


As a red blade of the Guard, Senna has proven to herself and to Leomas to be the best swordsmice of her day, save for perhaps the captain. She is the right hand mouse of the captain, and serves as an advisor as much as she doubles as a bodyguard.


Although Senna is a staunch supporter of the guard from Leomas, she is just as devoted to her sword as she is to the town.



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