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In Licano, it soon turned into a hub of trade as it connected the western half of the woods with the east, and the creatures of Licano were much more gregarious and friendly than the stoic and proud mice of Vacce.

Some time after its establishment, Licano became a makeshift port town. One night, however, an accident with the ships docked at Licano brought about change. During this accident, the majority of the ships docked at Licano were sunk, lost, or heavily damaged due to a nasty storm. It was soon brought to attention that having the ships docked on the river Red proper is not such a good idea, and that an official dock/port should be made.

To tackle this endeavor, Licano sent forward its engineers and planners to Zarago to come up with a solution. In the end, the plan was to create a grand canal that would go inland and lead to a beast-made lake, where ships and boats would be able to dock. Through hard work, effort, and a lot of time, the town of Licano became a full fledged port, sporting its canal. It's one of the great engineering wonders of the woods.

The canal is fairly long and took a very long time to complete, with its length spanning 36 feet (by 5 feet wide, 4 feet deep). It goes a bit past an initial line of trees close to the riverbank before it settles in an artificial lake that serves as the heart of Licano. The lake can accommodate a good number of boats and ships, and functions as the main marketplace. Shops and merchants are settled around the lake, and ships and boats themselves sell their wares from the lake!



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