(20|Winter) -> (27|Fall)


Early on, the initial settlements had a tough time keeping the borders of the towns and the roads relatively safe.


Although tragic, Vacce was raided one winter night and a good portion of its babes were taken, some ransomed at a later date and some eaten, by several aggressive wildcats that came from the northeast.


It was during this time when Biso, the founder of the Sentinels, helped bring the fight back to the wildcats. Biso was a trained swordsmouse, and he wasn't too shabby with a spear and shield. He helped establish and maintain a militia force, which later became known as the Sentinels, to help guard and protect the creatures in Vacce.



When the snow and ice thawed from the Red Mountains and flowed freely down the river Red, the same wildcats struck again. This time prepared, Biso led the defence against the intruders and managed to run them off. Biso himself managed to heavily wound a wildcat, crushing its left forepaw with a strong blow of his heavy sword.



As the wildcats fleed, Biso lead a tracking party to track and potentially hunt down the wounded wildcat. They managed to follow it to where it had its kittens. Quietly, in the night, Biso lead the group once again in an ambush as the wildcat licked its wounds. With his his last breath, Biso put the wildcat to death and swore to the kittens, which were attacked and run off by the remaining militia-mice, to never approach Vacce if they value their lives.


Biso was held as a hero and his daughter, Mora, ended up taking up the militia and helped defend the relentless attacks of the wildcats that followed that night. Thanks to the valiant mice of that time, the battles that occurred both at Vacce and at the dens and lands of the wildcats were ultimately won by the militia. However, the war left both sides at a loss: Vacce lost an untold amount of mice (both combative and non-combative) in the war, and the wildcats lost some of their own and their lands.


A monument was erected in the stone halls of Vacce dedicated to the mice who helped protect Vacce during that war which spanned a good number of years.




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