Scientific Name
Terrus Kabu
Large animals, large plants, Yeoju - see Imugi
Deserts, Volcanoes, Mountains, i.e. places with lots of earth
Varying sleeping patterns.


What appear to be a pair of eyes and a mouth that construct an rock body around themselves with Earth magic, that stay usually either in one place, like a guard, or move. The face seems to be made of the same stuff the Nimboss' eye is made out of, and people wonder if they are related, both being beings that cover themselves in an elemental armour. They can construct larger bodies for their face, and all but the face is recontructable. This earth body is meltable, using its Fire Magic, making it have a body of lava that is more useful than the earth body, as it is more easily positionable. They have no muscles, so concentrate all their energy on their mind, for magical movement and for plans. Armagim have a cunning intellect, and solve most things without any action of their own, meaning they have more time to think. Chermagim have been shown to formulate plans and be fluent in maths, music, and sign language. They are very adaptable, able to rely on both brawn and brains, and very dangerous- they have the gift of tounges, and if persuaded by the wrong people can do horrible things. They are immensely large, even if you only count the biological part, but are smaller at youth. This means they eat a vast amount, usually hunting things like Gevahou and other large creatures, and harvesting things like trees. They are usually hailed as sages, and gladly accept the role, in exchange for food. They often search for Yeoju (see Imugi ), as they help it break up the food in its stomach, like gastric stones with dinosaurs, and are worn away as well after a while, giving it lots of nutrients.



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