Elemental Magic
Scientific Name
Arbor Sapien


(Tolk-see-da):Plural:Tolcedas (Tol-seed-az). Size: 50-65 inches for males, 45-59 inches for females. They are largely peaceful. They weigh 80 -90 lbs for males, and 70-85 lbs for females. 

Physical Description

A creature that resembles both an elf, and an Ent. They are often said to look pretty, but this is only because of their magic. If you squint, you can see their unkempt hair, and harsh, unforgiving, bark textured faces, as well as the fungi, moss, and insects that inhabit them. They are smaller than most races height wise, and this makes them unnoticeable, and it unnoticeable when they leave with your wallet clutched in their arms.


They often play music, but not for the reason that you would expect. They aren’t hilariously bad; there is nothing funny about it. They are absolutely, exceptionally awful at music, and they know this. They play it as a distraction, then rob you and steal all your things, after first using their magic to charm you into picking up a ‘weary traveller’, or speaking in rhyme to make you think they are special. They do various criminal activities, such as (ironically) arson, to 're-fertilise used land', and gang violence on people, saying that they are not one with nature. They are nature extremists, mugging people, and saying 'We are taking the things that they took from nature, and giving it back to nature', which means adding it to their horde of things that they are going to, 'give back'. Despite the "Elf" myth's calibur for good mages, Tolcedas are magical in a druidic, ritual way, and aren't usually as effective, and have to be more long term for more powerful spells. The usual "Mesmer" spell is the most that can be acomplished with their natural abilities, while they are by themselves.

General Life 

They live in rooftop ghettos in big cities, or in concentrated gangs in the main land or in the Forest of Life. They have traditional Elfish weapons, but thug-ised, so the Elfish blade becomes a flick-knife, etc. They worship the Rings, as they remind them of the Circle of Life and of tree rings, like their own, thinking they were made in God’s image. Like normal trees, they feed on water, sunlight and carbon dioxide, which is why they thrive in cities, with the amount of pollution some produce, and in the Forest of Life because of the sheer amount of life breathing out. They photosynthesise by climbing buildings that are above the slight smog or trees. They drink water like any other species. They are long lived, as they are basically trees, so can live for hundreds of years, but are not immortal like the common elves. They reproduce by having the female lay an acorn, and the male fertilises it, sort of like fish eggs, and plants it next to another plant to leech the nutrients that it gains, growing until it has the strength to dig upwards and break the surface of the soil, uprooting.

Counter Culture

Of course, there are a few that are nobility, but their numbers are dwindling. Long ago there were only a few vigilantes and rogues about who were Tolcedas, but more and more started to turn to a life of criminality. Even today people are abandoning their rich lineage and joining the thug majority. There are many battles fought on mansion soil between the two sides.

Other Info

Naming conventions: After fictional forests/ corruptions of famous forests used in fiction: e.g. Ilex, Dimble, Byrnam, etc



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