The worship of both Moons and Sun. Usually found in desert peoples, it focuses on the day having power, and the night being cool and relieving the pressure of the power. The power either refers to Fire Magic for the Tualians and other Fire Mages, or the fact that it keeps other beings at bay while the people forage for cactuses as the basis for the Moloides belief. Both relish the coolness of the night, as it is colder than the boiling heat of day, relieving the Sun's power on them. The Solenode is seen as being a symbol of the sun, and Bats are seen as being symbols of the moons. There are 3 types of Celestism: Eibanism, which views the Sun as a spiritual being, who needs to be fuelled with prayer and worship, with the Moons being physical guardians which can't be dishonoured, Alkrism, which focuses on bettering one's self, with a Sun Sage being the leader-Ozin instead of Magnus due to the incident with Dark Lord- and a main temple for worship/training, with the Sun and Moons being entities that judge you to go to heaven, and Hianism, which means both sacrificing your personal luxuries and the symbolic animals. To them the Sun's fuel is not prayers, but animals and worldly possesions. They have a great respect for the dead, and the sacrificees, as they view the dead as going to the Sun, and so must be prepared right, with the Moons once again being judges for the afterlife.



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