A Note from Rakky

Hello, and welcome to Heaven's Stone. I am Rakky, and I am new to this whole worldbuilding thing. After reading through a bunch of worlds here and on /r/worldbuilding, I got inspired!

This is my first world of fantasy and magic. Mainly, I'm just building it for the fun of it. Maybe one day once it is more fleshed out, I'll start writing stories that take place in the world. But I expect that will be a long ways out.

In any case, enjoy! Feel free to use my world as inspiration for yours!

~ Rakky 


Heaven's Stone, also known simply as Stone, is a large planet in the Sea of Souls. The planet, bathed in the ever flowing Aetherstream, gifts its inhabitants with access to Aer. Formless yet easily shaped to one's will, Aer has naturally become an inseparable resource for those living on Stone.

It is home to 7 continents separated by two large seas. Humans populate the entire planet. Additionally, demons, powerful beasts which are able to shape aer, live within the vast, untamed wilderness of the world.

Heaven's Stone is a diverse world full of many cultures, climates, and ideologies. It is a world where ideologies often clash amidst a perilous, undeveloped wilderness constantly at odds with humanity.




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