Nations and States
Tenmi Empire, New Corika


Limoon is the largest continent on Heaven's Stone and primarily lies in the southern and western hemispheres. Geographically, Limoon borders three other continents.

The name Limoon is formed from ancient Tenmian and refers to the Li'song trees that flourish throughout the continent.



The Sunsek continent lies to the east, separated by the Uii Mountains. Historically, the Uii Mountains were difficult to cross, and isolated Limoon from Sunsek. 

The Minpek continent connects to the west via the Li-Min Line, a naturally formed land bridge.

Finally, the Gyum continent borders the northwest where the Great Gyum Desert straddles both the Limoon continent and the Gyum continent.

Additionally, the Antarctic Sea stretches along the southern border of Limoon while the northern borders touch the Green Sea and the Turan Ocean.



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