City-State Alliances


The Free Alliance of Lotus Isles is a loose coalition of seven lotus islands in the Green Sea. Created with modern aethric technology, the man-made islands were a joint experiment by the Magic College of Kehlan and the Tenmi Imperial University.


Lotus Isles

With the goal of creating floating cities on the Green Sea, the Lotus Project hoped to create human habitation away from the chaos of demons on the mainland.

Initially a single island, the success of the experiment quickly led to the construction of six additional lotus islands over the next 80 years. Even more additional islands are still being constructed.

Each island is home to approximately 10,000 to 20,000 people. Each island is approximately 30 to 40 square km in area, the newer lotuses being slightly larger than the older ones. 



The Free Alliance of Lotus Isles resides outside of sovereign territory, so it is not officially a part of any nation or state. However, as a joint project funded by the both the nations Kehlan and the Tenmi Empire, most residents are either Kehlani or Tenmian citizens. 

Each Lotus appoints a mayor and a local council makes decisions on each island. The Council of Nine makes overarching decisions for all islands in the alliance, and is made up of the seven mayors and a representative from Kehlan and Tenmi.




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