Demons, also called kifunen, are large, territorial beasts with the power to manipulate aer. They have existed throughout the much of the history of Heaven's Stone. However, they are not native to the planet.

Historically, demons were often worshiped as gods or honored as heavenly spirits in many religions and local beliefs. However, with the rise of the Liansento religion, they were vilified as demons. 




Much study has been done on demons, and it is still a topic of research in universities throughout Heaven's Stone. Though demons are similar in appearance to the fauna of Heaven's Stone, their skeletal structure indicates they are unrelated to regular animals.

Demons do not reproduce. Instead they materialize onto Heaven's Stone. The mechanism by which this happens, called Demonic Manifestation, is still a topic of growing research.

Demons do not have a childhood stage. They neither grow nor change in appearance after materializing. Additionally, they age slowly, and there are reports of demons which have lived for four to five centuries.



Demons consume aer and constantly wander in search of dense pockets of aer. Unfortunately, since human cities are often built around such pockets, frequent conflicts arise between demons and humans.



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