Rakky's Notes


Rakky: Just Brainstorming! The following is not canon to my world yet! 

Most common type of magic.

The 3 Fields of Aethric Magic:

  • Shaping - shape and materialize aer. Materialized aer is invisible but solid. Magi can choose to change its appearance to be visible though. Shaped aer can hold its form temporarily after the magi stopped controlling it. 
  • Burning - burn aer to manipulate environment. For example, a mage burning aer can manipulate rocks, water, air, etc. However, electricity, Fire, and anything organic can not be manipulated. A mage can also burn aer to manipulate aer.
  • Transmutation - technically, this is also under shaping, but simply a more intricate shaping and more solid materialization. Magi specializing in Transmutation can intricately shape aer into physical objects which can exist indefinitely

General Limitations: 

  • Limited amount of aer permeates areas of the world
  • Some areas more dense in aer than others
  • Aer can run out or be burnt off, after which both shaping and burning won't work
  • Generally, the aer in any specific area can't be totally burnt off without concerted by a lot of magi.
  • Even larger cities generally don't need to worry about burning off their aer.
  • Burning off aer is mainly used to prevent demon manifestation (more details on that later).
  • Aer replenishes gradually
  • Humans have an organ in their body that allows them to control aer. If it is damaged, it can affect their ability to use aer.

Personal Limitations:

  • All magi can both shape or burn
  • Magi generally prefer one of either shaping or burning not both
  • Amount of aer he can control is based on practice and experience
  • Some inherent talent is involved, but on average most magi have similar talent in aer
  • (Exception being the demons and saints. More details on that when I figure out religions).
  • Can use magic tools to supplement control of aer
  • Different magi have different talents

Elemental Affinities

  • Flame: Imbued speed. More easily move shaped objects.
  • Iron: Imbued stability. Strengthen shaped objects to enhance durability.
  • Leaf: Imbued shaping speed. More quickly shape objects.

Shaping Affinities

  • Shaping Speed
  • Power
  • Range - 
  • Precision - the delicate control the magi has over the aer. Better precision means more intricate shaping.
  • Hardening - the control the magi has over the aer. Stronger hardening means difficulty breaking it apart or burning it off.

Burning Affinities 

  • Shaping Speed
  • Power
  • Range
  • Precision
  • Efficiency

Magic Tools

  • Helps magi with the magic affinities
  • Range in effectiveness
  • Maybe some sort of runic inscription?
  • Or maybe precious gems as focuses? 




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