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Rakky: Just Brainstorming! The following is not canon to my world yet! 

Unlike regular Aethric Magic, Contract Magic is not fueled by the aer in the mage's environment. Instead, it draws the purified and compressed aer from within a demonic core of a matured demon.


Legends vs Reality

According to old legends, Demons which have fully matured after hundreds of years wandering and consuming aer would become sentient. After which, if a mage were to pass his trials and impress him, the demon would "contract" to a single mage. The mage would then able to draw aer through his connection to the demon, and the demon, having fulfilled his purpose, would turn to stone.

However in reality, there is no such thing as a contract. After a demon has reached maturity, it petrifies and leaves behind a demonic core. This core contains the purified and compressed aer gathered by the demon throughout its life. Strangely, demons do not eat each other's cores.



A mage in possession of a core is able to draw purified aer from the core. These mages are known as Contractors, though there are few Contractors in existence. They typically occupy important offices in their nation or state.

Although it's possible to possess more than one core, only one core can be used at a time so multiple cores don't offer much benefit except for the ability to be more liberal with their avatar release. Additionally, cores are incredibly rare, and very few contractors are able to obtain multiple cores.


Avatar Release

However, obtaining multiple cores is highly desired by Contractors. This is due to the Avatar release, in which Contractors can temporarily overload their cores to draw immense amounts of aer. In the "Avatar" state, contractors have access to huge amounts of purified aer. 

Releasing the Avatar state is inefficient and unstable. As a result, a large portion of the purified aer is leaked out. A single contractor releasing his Avatar has been known to singlehandedly replenish a burnt out region of aer.



The Avatar release consumes a significant portion of the demon core. Additionally, it places heavy strain on the body. Thus it can not be maintained indefinitely. Typically, a core can sustain approximately 5 to 10 releases, based on its quality. As such, contractors typically do not release their Avatar state aside from desperate situations. 


Avatar's Halo

The leaked aer glows slightly. This "Avatar's Halo" is often used in legends and tales to confer an aspect of divinity to contractors with the power over their avatar release.


Incomplete Contractors

Immature demons have been known to possess cores similar to mature demons. However, incomplete cores are not as dense nor as pure as fully mature cores. Therefore, they are unable to perform the Avatar release.



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