The Ashba-Zahbia Nations
The Barreugean Military


Climate and Geography

  • Southern parts bordering Zahbia are savannas. Northeast towards Alestra are cooler and more heavily wooded. North is more of a Mediterranean climate.
  • South: Average temperature: 75F, High: 98F, Low: 55F. North: Average: 70F, High: 95F, Low: 50F
  • There is only a wet and dry season, southern parts receiving less precipitation in the wet months.
  • Northeast towards Alestra gets frequent rain and thunderstorms. The Zahbian border infrequently has sandstorms. Weather is stable for the most part.
  • Most of Barreug has been deforested in an attempt to accommodate it's vast population.
  • With the passing years, more and more of Barreug is becoming a desert like it's Zahbian neighbors to the south.
  • There are few mountains in the south of Barreug.
  • Great lakes reside in the nation where many cities, such as the capital are built.

Natural Resources

  • Farmland is abundant among the north and around the great lakes.
  • Rich minerals reside in the mountains to the south.
  • Barreug is very lush in it's resources.
  • Due to deforestation, however, most of it's lumber is imported.
  • While it produces ore itself, Barreug often imports more from other nations such as Natal and Aij
  • In recent years, trade with many of the Arde nations slowed down due to wars.

Flora and Fauna

  • Oak trees along the Alestran border, shurbs, bushes, cacti to the south.
  • Cabbage, lettuce, onions, carrots, leeks, artichokes, radishes, lentils, potatoes 
  • Birds: Albatross, pelicans, herons, ducks, geese, swans, turkeys, quails, cranes, buzzards, doves, owls
  • Mammals: Mice, hares, hedgehogs, shrews, bats, mountain lions, lynx, bears, foxes, otters, horses, deer.
  • Reptiles: Turtles, lizards, geckos, snakes 


  • Dictatorship
  • The Barreugean Military is in control of the government, their leader being Commander Pluim. High ranking officers have roles in the government as well.
  • Positions are gained through service within the military. Raising ranks is a combination of seniority and honorable deeds during service. 
  • In the event of the death of an officer, the next ranking person takes his or her place.
  • Barreug is joked of to be both the safest and most dangerous nation. They are tough on crime although some would say too tough. Racism towards the Arde people make this a questionable place for an Arde to visit. The majority of Barreug's Arde population is imprisoned or in indentured servitude.
  • Taxes in Barreug are about equal to Vaniss, less expensive than Alestra, and more expensive than many Zahbian nations. Barreug is, however, known for putting a lot of it's money towards services for it's people. It houses the grandest cities, beautiful churches, acclaimed military academies, and the quality of life is quite high. Another large portion of taxes, of course, goes towards their military which is the most powerful in all of Erdre.
  • Barreug is the leading military force of the world. Treaties with many other nations as well make it a nearly unstoppable force. Before other nations begin conflicts, they often seek council with Barreug as to settle disputes without fear the other nation will be allied with the Barreugean military.


  • Citizens of Barreug have the rights to purchase land, start businesses, own indentured servants (slavery is illegal; servants need to be able to work towards freedom), and travel freely to other nations that are allied with Barreug. 
  • To become a citizen one must either be born to two Barreugean parents or must go through the process of immigration. All citizens are required to serve at least five years in the Barreugean military. 
  • Ownership of property is upheld by the Barreugean courts which is run by high ranking officers. Deeds for property and contracts are bought from the court.
  • Slavery is banned. Indentured servitude is offered to criminals as a means to obtain freedom. Noncriminals may not become indentured servants. The courts determine the terms and who is eligible.
  • Business and trade is run by a free market; the government does not interfere except when illegal activity is involved.
  • Theft is taken very seriously in Barreug and even petty theft receives jail time.
  • To encourage advancement, the government gives perks to scientists, inventors, doctors, and great minds. In exchange for working with the Barreugean military, those with desired skills are offered citizenship, land, and wealth.
  • Laws are enforced by Wardens, a branch of the military that guards the nation.
  • While the Commander has absolute power over the court, he often appoints trusted officers to judge petty offences and simple matters such as purchases small lands.
  • Minor crimes such as petty theft (stealing a few items from a shop) are met with short jail times with the option to work as a servant until the damages have been paid.
  • Major crimes such as murder often are given death sentences. In cases of unclear evidence, life time jail sentences are given as well.
  • Laws of Barreug are absolute for all cities. Officers, trained by the Commander, are stationed in each major city to uphold the courts. 



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