The Ashba-Zahbia Nations,
The Bjallands


Climate and Geography

  • Highland climate; often cool and breezy.
  • Winter: -2F to 20F, Summer: 40F to 65F
  • Four seasons: Harsh snowy winters, wet springs, cool summers, and stormy falls.
  • Usually lots of precipitation except in the summer.
  • Humans have carved into the mountains and created mines and settlements among the mountains.
  • Harsh storms shape the mountains as well. Many earthquakes occur due to being on a major fault line.
  • Home to the largest mountain chain on Erdre.
  • Many hot springs reside high up in the mountains, draining off into rivers, and into Aij's famous waterfalls (a main tourists attraction).
  • There are lots of thick forests at the base of the mountains.


Natural Resources

  • Farmlands mostly reside at the base of the mountains. Small farms usually inhabit the small villages higher up in the mountains to provide food when caravans cannot reach them.
  • Mines are abundant and Aij is the major producer of gemstones.
  • Many rivers run throughout the mountains.
  • Aij is abundant in gems, mineral stones, and metals.
  • Food is scarce higher up on the mountains. 
  • Deforestation is a problem due to high demands for food and farmlands.
  • Many neighboring settlements have agreements to mine on Aij land.
  • More powerful nations such as Barreug and Otok have set up mining facilities which bring resources to the villages in exchange for the minerals in the mountains.


Flora and Fauna

  • At the base of the mountains, tall fir trees and shrubs dominate. They are scare at higher altitude where bamboo shoots are more common.
  • Primary crops: Bamboo, bok choy, melons, eggplants, squash, radishes, roots, and cabbage.
  • Birds: Ducks, titmice, kingfisher, cranes.
  • Mammals: Shrews, primates, porcupines, marmots, jerboa, hares, hedgehogs, bats, pangolin, jungle cats, wolves, bears, ox, deer.
  • Reptiles: Snakes, crocodiles, turtles. 



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