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Ludovico Maria Sforza (known as "il Moro", "the Moor") is the Duke of Milan and King of Lombardia. He is the fourth child of Francesco II Sforza, which ruled as regent for his nephew, Gian Galeazzo Maria Sforza, whom was only seven when he was named duke; afterwards, through shrewd political maneuvers and string of suspicious deaths, he managed to gain the crown for himself. Ludovico has gained the fame of a ruthless and unscrupolous politician, who could affirm his power through intrigue and backstabbing, figurative or literal. He is married to Beatrice d'Este, of the Ferraran house, has ties of alliance to the Angevin and French courts, and has always strived to keep a magnificient court, hosting many important artists in his city and giving a golden period to Milan; however, those who know him are perfectly aware that his passion for art is merely a façade, and that he is in fact a much more pragmatic person. The nickname comes from the mulberry (known as "moròn" in Milanese), of which he introduced the cultivation in Insubria.




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