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Raimondo della Torre is the current patriarch of Aquileia, child of Pagano della Torre. In spite of his saintly calling, Raimondo is known to be a stern, and quite warlike character, and has begun to create a series of alliances in order to increase his power, and the size of his realm. The Aquileian Patriarch has in fact moved towards reconciliation with Rome, even counting himself among the ranks of the Guelph faction, in order to garner support against the Venetian Republic and the counts of Gorizia, both enemies of his small fiefdom; so far, his campaigns have proved to be successful, having won some battles on both fronts: only time will tell if his warmongering attitude will last. Meanwhile, the Patriarch has also introduced a series of reforms, aimed at modernizing and improving the administration of his realms: for all of these reasons, he is cherished by the common people and by the merchant class, but not so much by the traditionalist, feudal nobility.




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