Titania is a planet similar to earth but with magic. It is the year 568 AR and in the middle of the industrial era! machinery blends with magic, vast cities are split by vast plots of land filled with monsters and animals. under the earth are vaults filled with creatures and races known as the underdark, the oceans are vast and full of life. the skyline has two moons, Lysander and Oberon there are 4 continents with humanoid life.




the four continents are Rune, Yoroi, Kozmunda, Omeyocan.

Rune has vast forests, vile swamps, frozen tundras, vast deserts, roling plains and hilly highlands. 


Yoroi is a mysterious land with vicious frozen wastelands, vast mist covered mountains, jade forests, bamboo forests, islands, deserts and a small jungle


Kozmunda is a wild continent with a desolate desert, a dangerous outback, a monster filled Serengeti, a towering jungle and a mysterious rift.



Omeyocan is a frontier with lands ranging from frozen wastes to incredible mountains, spanning forests, rubicund deserts, grassy plains, emerald jungles and many islands.




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