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The Hafashian race has it's origins in the dense and biodiverse jungles of the peninsular territory Deccan, which reaches out from Panultima's inner Eastern coast into the center of the Tethys sea. Life in Deccan's lush jungles has conditioned Hafashian society to the harsh realities of survival, as nomadic and permanent settlers alike are never more than a few footsteps away from the savage wilderness that dominates Panultima.


Hafash have digitigrade hind legs and are capable of bipedal movement but can travel at greater speeds while on all fours. Their forepaws are both padded and equipped with retractable claws which facilitate their natural quadrupedal movement and climbing abilities. Their short coats and bushy manes grow in earthy shades of green, red, and brown. Although they have the focused, forward-facing eyes and pointed teeth of a predator, Hafash are capable of omnivorous diets. To compensate for their reduced ability to chew and grind tough plant matter Hafash stomachs produce an extremely potent and corrosive stomach acid which they have been known to vomit up on predators when threatened.


Most of Panultima's Hafash population live nomadic lifestyles in the Southeastern Foothills of Maesos and Deccan, as well as throughout the plentiful steppe of Scythos, herding grazing beasts such as great beetles, woolly moths, and Aurochs, as well as their own specialized strictly terrestrial breed of Chirapts.

Hafash society is often seen as strict and insular by outsiders as the rugged conditions and constant dangers of both nomadic and jungle living have resulted in strict regional customs and traditions unique to each group. Though commonalities include an emphasis on independence and self sufficiency, as well as I high prioritization of personal privacy and respect. An important source of some of these societal peculiarities is the psychosomatic effect the consumption of fresh meat or blood has on Hafash. Small amounts can serve as a kind of stimulant, but once a certain dosage is passed Hafash enter a kind of frenzied state during which they become extremely and actively aggressive, while also losing the ability to recognize faces and communicate effectively. The destructive nature of this reaction has resulted in taboos towards fresh meat in some settlements, and ritualistic veneration in others, though it's influence is always undeniably present.

Some of the oldest permanent civilized settlements in Panultima were made by the Hafash in the river valleys of central Maesos and North Western Deccan. These settlements are now developing into some of Panultima's first cities and busy trade routes have formed between them and the contemporary Kifaru cities forming in Iteru.

Due to their adjacent position and frequent trade, Kifaru and Hafash cultures mingle throughout most cities in middle Northeastern Panultima and has resulted in a small but controversial population of "half-breeds" who often find themselves rejected by the majority on both sides.




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