Narvani study


The Narvani are an industrious race accustomed to the craggy mountain ranges and lush rolling plains of Panultima's Western territories. The high birth rates and shorter lifespans inherent to Narvani biology have resulted in an industrious and highly cooperative society. They are a mostly subterranean species, digging out and living in vast networks of caves inhabited by complex hierarchical broods.


The Narvani are physically small compared to the other races, along with the largest head size relative to body size. Being both subterranean and nocturnal, Narvani posses large eyes with wide pupils suited for low light conditions. These eyes are set in a focused forward facing position in a head that is capable of rotating 200 degrees in either direction. This ability is complimented by pointed rotating ears positioned high on the head to make the Narvani highly effective sentries. Their squat powerful hind limbs are paired with broad thick claws on their forelimbs for efficient tunneling. Their thick leg-length tails are used both for balance while climbing as well as in a tripod-like stance used during long sentries or over uneven terrain.



Narvani society is a dense and highly structured affair. Their strict hierarchies have combined with their rapid life cycles to produce a kind of hereditary specialization. Certain Narvani in each burrow are bred and raised specifically for individual roles such as diggers, soldiers, and sentries. These roles became so prevalent that specific phenotypes began to develop for each role and a caste system became entrenched into Narvani culture. While individual phenotypes vary by region and from burrow to burrow, the same physical structures persist for each role between burrows. As such, general preconceptions abound and most Narvani are accustomed to assigning rank and supremacy to their brood mates on sight.

The extreme collectivism that permeates Narvani society results in little to no emphasis on the individual. This combines with the hazards of moving through steep mountainous terrain and living among the oversized predators of the Western plains to make casualties and personal sacrifice common place. This is reflected in many aspects of Narvani life from their sacrificial military tactics to their willingness to build under dangerous conditions into canyons and cliff faces.




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