This is a campaign project for a tabletop RPG campaign. The game does not really matter but I am going to use it with "Jumpers : Survival in the Infinite Multiverse".

Some parts of the campaign are freely inspired from Alastair Reynold's Revelation Space.


Jumpers RPG

In that game, player characters (PCs) are Jumpers, special individuals with the ability to instantly travel between different points in time and space among the infinity of universes (however they are unable to control when the Jump will occur). This has some impact on some aspects of the world, however they can easily be taken away from it.


The setting is fantasy/sci-fi (the sci-fi part being hidden to the PCs until they unravel enough of the final intrigue). The technology level is quite low, akin to Earth's Middle Ages tech, but magic brings a lot to the life conditions and social aspects of the world. Things such as telecommunication, disease control and public transportation exist for instance. Magic looks like science on Kêl and is deservedly considered as such. Not everyone is a magician though, the everyday use of magic is generally done with enchanted objects.

The planet has two particularities besides the extensive use of magic that make it fundamentally different from Earth :

1. In winter, a hail storm with hailstones the size of a fist hammers the land for three weeks. This was initially a plot device for the RPG campaign to force the PCs into hiding inside caves with the rest of the population and follow the tracks, but it turns out to be world-defining in terms of geography, biology and sociology.

2. There has not been any tectonic activity for centuries. The reason for it is unknown, however the planet has undergone a meteor strike around the same time and scientists generally agree that those two facts are linked.





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