The history of Kêl.

~ - : Kêl becomes a planet from an accretion of dust in a young solar system.

~ -???.000.000 : first Jumpers on Kêl. This planet has something special which keeps Jumpers staying for a few years instead of a few days. Jumpers normally stay between a few minutes and a few weeks in the same universe, but Kêl seems to behave like a magnet of some sort which slows down the frequency of the Jumps. Some Jumpers have built rock settlements that can be found underground today, the oldest one dating back 20 million years.

~ -20.000 - -10.000 : sylfans start to use tools and show group behavior on Onerica. Some humans take interest in them. Sylfans are somewhat used to seeing humans in their environment, they are not frequent but they have always been there.

~ -5500 : Sylfans have language, some imagination and individuality. They build shelters and bury their dead. Humans are seen like people from other worlds but other worlds are always considered superior by the Sylfans.

~-1000 : Sylfans have agriculture, writing, and the oldest history records found. Humans are no longer considered supernatural beings and the Jump is known as a natural phenomenon. Sylfan society is organized in different competing cities somewhat like ancient Greece. A continental market starts to develop. Sylfans discovered the south west islands in -804 and Neccatrica in -641. Neccatrica is discovered to be a land of adventure rich in artifacts and buildings left by the humans in the past.

0 : The Erasure. Ronald Frye, Great Wizard and Traveler of the Worlds, appears in the middle of the great ocean of Kêl; he has searched for a planet like this one for a very long time. To serve some plan of his own, he creates a new continent on the surface of the planet that will force new Jumpers to always spawn on this land. Sylfans noticed that humans stopped appearing and it was a great deal for them because humans had magic and artifacts, even though some of them were bad people. This year was later decided to be year 0 in memory of the humans. Frye never knew the planet was already inhabited. Important climate changes will happen in the next decades as well because of the change in the shape of the ocean.

0-17 : Frye can now attract Jumpers to his place and he forces them to work in the creation of an empire. Jumpers would still be staying around for a few years before the Jump took them, but the human density in Frye's city was thousands of times bigger than it was before he created Humanica and that allowed for the birth of a non-Jumping human civilisation on Kêl.

17 : Frye is killed by his people who are tired of obeying him, leaving behind him a land full of dangerous wildlife that he created to keep his people under control. Humans are now stranded on this land, unknowing of the existence of the sylfans on the other side of the planet. Oceanic currents always take the sylfan ships away from Humanica and back to Neccatrica, preventing the sylfans from discovering them, and Neccatrica is so attractive for explorers that exploring the sea has not been considered for centuries.

341 : The first city is built in Neccatrica. The adventure era is over, colonization begins. There are still gray areas in the maps but the northwest coastline is soon to be controlled. The southern half of Neccatrica is mostly unexplored but the shape of the continent is established.

624 : The Humanicans find a magical means to sail to Neccatrica across the ocean and back. Humans are back in the world. The sylfan reaction is mitigated, and there are small conflicts here and there for a couple centuries.


694 : The first of a long series of gatherings of city leaders takes place. Most but not all Neccatrican leaders want to keep their land and resources from humans, and there is mistrust towards the new humans because they are not ephemeral like they used to be. Onerica is more traditionally thankful for the humans being there and sometimes helping htem for a very long time before.

 : It is decided that the use of magic by citizens will be tolerated in all its forms in Onerica, while only enchanted items and body magic are allowed in Neccatrica, to put an end to the wars.

 : The Meteor Strike

 : Today

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