The arrival of new Jumpers on Kêl cannot be detected by magical devices or anything of the sort. However Jumpers are easily recognised : disoriented, wearing exotic outfit and equipment, not speaking the local language, and beyond all other things acting strangely and in total ignorance of the local customs. Also, they are mostly human.

Upon arrival, seconds after the Jump, Jumpers generally feel bad because of the air pressure on Kêl is 1.8 atm. Then you get used to it.

Most people in Kêl know about the Jump phenomenon and tend to try to help the newcomers in diverse manners (after making sure they can be trusted, of course; some Jumpers are not coming for the good times). The well intentioned will generally take the Jumpers to one of the local wizards who receive special training to treat such cases. To help the Jumpers start a new life, the magician will cast a few spells on them such as a lasting language-learning enchantment. Once the enchantment wears off, the Jumper is normally able to speak the language without magic.

Since its creation around year 0, 99% of Jumpers appear on Humanica that land instead of anywhere else.



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