Terrace is a continent heavily fractured into numerous kingdoms.


To the west, an eternally raging snowstorm whirls above a towering mountain range. It is said that these mountains once lead to the gates of heaven, but due to the folly of man, God cast down an eternal storm and sealed the entrance to paradise. The men of Terrace call these mountains the Heaven's Arch.

To the east, the Serpent's Sea stretches as far as the eye can see. Though daring sailors who have sailed to its very end record that the raging waters of the sea suddenly drop off into a deep abyss. Those who have seen the unending pit do not question its name, the Devil's Fall.


The kingdoms of Terrace were once united and the great empire of mankind once thrived throughout all the world. Or so it is said. But now the humans have been corralled between Heaven's Arch and the Devil's Fall. A myriad of faiths have sprung to answer these strange phenomenons. 



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