A long time has passed since the War of the Gods, and now the First Age of Man is in its peak.

As the frozen winds howl over the ancient homeland of Man, Hyperborea, to the distant North, the tribes of humans have settled into the fertile lands to their south, against the background of the eternal war between Heaven and Hell. Two great monarchies, Bretannia and Atlantis, struggle for power over the waves of the ocean: the former, a ruthless and aristocratic empire, which gives its enemies only two choices, bending the knee or being annihilated by its steel-clad black legions; the latter, a holy theocracy in name, but a merchant oligarchy in truth, with their fleets bent on spreading the sacred word through fire and blade, and making some gold while at it. In the North, those humans who kept alive the flame of the ancient traditions are scattered in tribes and clans, such as those in Norsca and the Wyrmislond, while in Thule the last true knights of Hyperborea watch over the grave of their patriarch, while eternally fighting the monsters who have taken hold of the frozen wastelands further to the North.

Humans are far from being the only players of this world; the High Elves, in their golden spires and cathedrals keep lit the flame of the holy powers that made them, while their renegade brethren, the Gray Elves, roam the world shunning the light. The races of Chthonia have come to know the sunlight, rising from their subterranean cradles into the world, from the Dwarves in the massive eastern mountain stronghold to the Nekroi of the Dead City. And in the shadows, stranger things do creep, cloaks and blades in darkness; Vampires and other cursed creatures wait in the shade, while in the distant east, over the great mountains, something is happening in the ashen plains, as the news who arrive to the west are unsettling to say the least.

The world rests on a delicate balance, and as Bretannia and Atlantis are edging closer and closer to an all-out war, soon this whole castle of cards may come tumbling down...



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