The Outer North


Thuleans are those humans who settled in Thule after the Battle of the White Mountain, a key event of the War of the Gods. Those who escaped southwards before the battle began became the Children of Ludin, while those who waited and attempted to break the siege of the White Mountain became the Children of Ur; finally, those warriors, the ones most loyal to Ur and his personal retinues, who attempted a last stand to protect the escape of the Children of Ur managed, after a desperate resistance, to break the encirclement and move southwards, carrying the body of the patriarch Ur with them. Finally, they reached Thule, where they settled once and for all; here, they chose a Watcher among their leaders, and stood vigilant against the fallen North. Every time the Watcher dies, a new one is elected by the noble familes of Thule, and goes to take his place in the Crypt of Ur. Thuleans are a folk of warriors, hunters and whalers, much less numerous than other nations of humans, but greater in valour and pride, the last reflection of Hyperborean greatness.


Thuleans have maintained the ancient religion of the North: they worship the Sun as the sole God, with a wealth of spirit and demigods surrounding him, the most important of which is Ur, their forefather. There is no clergy, for every freeman is both a warrior and a priest.


Thulean society is strictly patriarchal; the head of each family is considered a freeman, and has a right to sit in the council of his peers when he has produced at least one male child: his children and wife are subject to his authority until his death, and his role is then taken up by the oldest living son.



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