Dragons are among one of the oldest races of Earth, and no man knows their history fully: they arrived in Earth from the deep, led by Zmey, the Dragonfather, around the same time of the awakening of humans. In those times, the might of Hyperborea was such that even dragons rarely dared attack it, but during the War of the Gods, the Dragons and their deranged mortal spawn, the Dakarran, unleashed their wrath upon the warring men. Afterwards, dragons mostly returned to their lairs, but their wings can still be seen every so often in the West of the World.

Dragons are immortal, and they do not die unless their are killed, and that is no easy task; they keep growing for all of their lives, and elder dragons far surpass all other living beings in size. Dragons reproduce slowly, and so their number is very scarce: despite their immense strenght, they are also cunning, deceitful and extremely cruel and prideful. They can speak in tongues other than their own, but do so extremely rarely. Dragons live isolated from each other, living with their mother until adulthood, at which point a young dragon is expected to go find a lair of his own.

Killing a dragon is perhaps the most difficult task a man may ever dream of achieving; as they grow older, their scales harden, their fangs sharpen, and their cruelty and intelligence become ever more dangerous. Dragons tend to live in caverns on top of mountains, descending to prey upon those who live in the valleys, be they humans, dwarves or elves.



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