Greufkoym (Rough-Home) is the capital and largest city of the Varl, seat of the High Kings of their people: its halls are also filled with many important and ancient varl clans. The city is built on the northern slope of the Varlsmark, between two tall peaks, called the Two Spears. As is the norm for Varl settlements, the city is built mostly of stone, with the crude but massive and sturdy architecture typical of Varl; the main industries of the city are blacksmithing and mining, and the weapons and tools produced here are later sold all over the Wyrmislond. The city has also a great spiritual importance for the varl, as it is the main centre of their religion, and those varl who died in battle are brought here to be buried at the feet of the Two Spears. The city has few foreign visitors, as it is not close to the sea nor to a river, and only surrounded by steep, barren hills and vast snow-covered fields: still, it is the main hub around which the varl revolve. The city's banner is of a deep blue color, with a golden sword, pointing upwards.



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