The Urkilðir or Children of Ur, who call themselves the Urfulk and are also known as Norscans, are one of the great ancient tribes of Hyperborea, who, like many more, escaped southwards to avoid certain doom during the War of the Gods. The Children of Ludin and the Thuleans are both splinters of the Children of Ur, who arrived in Norsca after the Siege of the White Mountain, where Ur and his most trusted warriors led a suicidal attack to distract the armies of Cain long enough to allow most of Ur's people to break the siege and escape. The Children of Ur arrived in Norsca: roughly half of them, wishing to rebuild Hyperborea, found that Norsca was too cold and barren, and moved southwards, seeking other lands. The other half, composed mostly by the sick, the wounded, and their relatives and friends, could not move further, and remained in Norsca, settling the region; since then, they have been known as Norscans. When they go to war as a single people, the Norscans dress themselves in black and white, as they begun doing so while mourning their many dead immediately after their arrival in Norsca, when they erected great pyres to allow those who did not survive the journey to reach the afterlife.


The Children of Ur are divided in six great tribes: the Berlings, the Hrablings, the Warglings, the Frewlings, the Bulalings, and the Sneklings. Each tribe is further subdivided into several large clans, which form the backbone of the social order of the Children of Ur, as the tribes usually have a more symbolic than practical importance, and only rarely the Norscan tribes gather as one. Norsca is a sparsely settled region, especially in the north, and as such humans live together in few small towns and villages which dot the landscape, and it is not uncommon to find settlements inhabited only by members of a single clans.


The Norscans are among the ones who kept closer to the ancient Hyperborean traditions: their alphabet is directly derived from the Hyperborean one, and their gods are also mostly the same, but some have been added. The Norscans are farmers and cattle breeder, but also expert fishermen and whalers; they also begun to trade with many other nations, thus starting to get news about the fate of the other Children of Ur as well as the other ancient tribes. Recently, parties of Norscan raiders made their way into the Great Forest, across the Gulf of Ghosts, pillaging Bretannian and Atlantean trade posts and outposts.



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