Karak Dum (Barren-peak), known as Laistpik (Last-mountain) in the human tongue, is the oldest Dwarven settlement in the region of Norsca (even though it is not properly on the Norscan peninsula), located beneath a steep, barren and snowy mountainous promontory in the northeast of the Goromadny mountains, on the eastern edge of Norsca; the Tehwbai separates the promontory from the main Goromadny mountains. Karak Dum was founded long ago by king Belm the Kind, and is actually among the oldest Dwarven fortresses of the world; it grew rapidly because the mountains in which it's built are ripe with ore, and its forges sell their products to the Bretannian garrisons stationed in Eragol, just southwards. Karak Dum is also unique among all Dwarven fortresses, as it's very close to the sea: it is the only karak that has a navy, used to patrol the Tehwbai against pirates and raiders, and to send wares and ores to the Draksmun fjord to the west, to trade and communicate with the other Dwarves of Norsca; the main gate of the fortress opens to the Thawbai itself, and it is a port of some kind, called Rodmarin (Waves-gate). The Dwarves of Karak Dum were taught the art of sailing by the Children of Ur when they arrived from across the sea, so they have a good relationship with humans, usually. The seal of the kings of Karak Dum is the face of a bearded dwarf, wearing a helm, colored stone-gray and on a deep blue field.



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