Yeodrothan (Blood-covenant) is one of the largest cities in the Weralwamb forest, located on the swampy confluence between the Stryx and the Celadon river, which continues its course northwards. It is the homeland of the Agarhin, who built their city here after escaping their makers. Yeodrothan is a stone city of watery canals, riverfronts, and dark alleyways, surrounded by thick woods and marshes, but it thrived thanks to its position, favorable to trade, and when old buildings crumble and fall into the muddy waters of the Strys, new ones are simply built on top of them. For a long time, the city was free, ruled only by the Red-queen of the Agarhin and her priests, but this was not to last: after a long siege about which songs are still sung to this day, the armies of Bretannian broke into the city's walls, and the Agarhim were grudgingly forced to accept their hegemony. Today, while most of the population is still of Agarhim folk, the Red-queen rules as a vassal of the High King in Morn, and there is a stalwart Bretannian garrison in the city: also, since then, more humans moved within its walls, and Yeodrothan became a hub of adventurers, students, rivermen and merchants. The city's banner is white and black, with a slender crimson tree.



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