My attempt at making a more or less typical fantasy setting, suitable for Dungeons and Dragons, in a post-apocalyptic Earth, after vampires release a virus which topples human civilization, either by way of outright killing the humans, or by transforming them into new forms, that of various fantasy races and whatnot.

Magic returns to the world, and with it, the pantheons of old gods return with it. 



Various modern cities or regions still survive in some form or another;

The cities of Dubai, Bejing, Los Angeles, and the island of Manhatten are populated by populations of vampires, who hold thousands of remaining 'pure' humans as blood-cattle.  

Various other areas are plagued with their own problems or conflicts;

-The seas, mostly the Caribbean and the Pacific Islands, are populated with sahaugin pirates, halting all travel nearby.

-Western Europe is populated by mostly druids, returning to ancient, Celtic places of natural power, and lycanthropes of various types, returning to the now fully natural forests that have returned to their former glory.  

-The deserts of the Middle East are populated by a few warring monasteries, who despite being good intentioned, all have bad sides to them.  Innocent lives are torn apart in their conflict against each other, and they all hunt for power.  

-Moscow is populated by were-bears.  



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