Sophomore year


A world of Earth-like proportions; not accidentally found, but accidentally landed on.

The planet is split into two hemispheres: Annora, or "Side World"; and Annoraann, literally "Side Side World." Annora is where everyone lives, and behaves just like our own home planet does. As one gets closer to the border of Annoraann, however, weather goes berserk - most people stay away from the border.

The border itself is not an object. Instead, it's an abrupt stop in the landscape that, depending on where you are, can result in a massive, exactly 180 degree drop to the sea. This line of 'cut' terrain continues all the way down 180 degree longitude - there is no deviation from the line.

Annora has 5 continents.

  • the Oureas (North and South)
  • Marea
  • Garumea
  • Garsor

North Ourea is the most fleshed out continent and as such has thousands of years of history. For the most part, the others... just exist.

This will change over time, of course.



The setting of the present storyline is situated many thousands of years after our own lifetimes, but this story's origins does begin around 2012 AD.




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