When the world was being formed, the Gods needed a sentient species to inhabit this world. And so, first race was created, the Kel'son. In the Kel'sonite Language, Kel' is a word which means "Gods" and Son is a word that means "People", therefore Kel'son literally means "Gods' People". Their appearance is vaguely elvish. They have pointed ears, but these are not as prevalent as modern elves'. They could have many different hair and eye colours. Their lifespan was much longer than the modern races, with the majority of Kel'son usually living to 400 years. Some have been known to live up to 1000 years old. Their empire spanned the entirety of the former Alironian Super-continent for over 3200 years, with many great, sprawling cities scattered across the land. After the Shattering, they slowly diverged and evolved into the separate races known today. Their Empire collapsed during the chaos of the Shattering, and their cities, which once reached into the sky, slowly fell into ruin as the millennia passed. The ruins still contain much of the great wealth, elegant art and extensive knowledge of the Kel'son, and sometimes adventurers enter these ruins, in search of their fortune.



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