The Shattering was a major mythological event that was caused by Maasruhm attempting to destroy Aliron, and lead to the "shattering" of Aliron into multiple continents and the transformation of Drae from a Goddess of Light into a Goddess of Darkness.

As soon as the Dark God, Maasruhm formed, he sought to undo the world created by the other gods. He amassed an army of demons, the undead and mortal worshippers. On the 23rd of the 5th, 3203 of the 1st Era Maasruhm began his march towards the Great Mountain, the place where the gods could change creation, so that he could destroy what was. At the mountains peak, a great battle was fought between the Light Twins and the Dark God. As the powerful deities clashed blades, their struggle shattered the world, breaking it into the many continents that exist now. In the end, the Dark God was defeated and trapped under a mountain, and each time he attempts to free himself, the mountain erupts. The lava coming from the mountain is what formed the continent of Angelos. During the fight, Drae was wounded by Maasruhm's dark axe, and the evil seeped from the weapon into her body. After centuries of being slowly corrupted from the inside, Drae revealed herself as the Goddess of Darkness.



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